Sometimes brunch has two purposes: 1) To fill up your stomach with food, and 2) To sop up the “adult kool-aid” you may have over-consumed during last night’s festivities.

The perfect place for a morning-after meal is The Senator (249 Victoria Street, just east of Yonge & Dundas), a local diner that’s got one of the best breakfast specials in Toronto. While it might be hard to crawl out of bed before noon, it’s worth the attempt because for $7.95 you can feast on the Senator Breakfast – bacon, two eggs, challah toast, vegetarian beans and home fries, plus tea or coffee. After noon, it’s $9.95.

If your stomach’s not too queasy, they have amazing House-Smoked Atlantic Salmon which is cured on the premises in their own special brine. The fillets are then slow-smoked over a natural hickory fire. Other great brunch items are Challah French Toast, Three Pancakes (blueberry or plain) and Huevos Rancheros with black beans, tomato salsa, avocado & homemade corn bread (all $9.95).

Hungover or not, thanks to their much-better-than-average breakfasts and memorable homemade jam, The Senator is one of our top picks in Toronto for brunch.