Finding the best place for brunch is a Plato Putas mission that will likely never officially end. But eating our way through this impossible quest makes our weekends that much more enjoyable. In the first of many themed weeks to come, we’re bringing you five consecutive posts dedicated to the harmonious union of breakfast and lunch.

We kick things off with my favourite brunch dish in Toronto. Thanks to my pal Daniel, Bar_One (924 Queen St. W.) appeared on my radar about six years ago. It’s open for brunch on weekends from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


It was suggested I try their Ovo Buco ($9), and to this day it is still my preferred item on their brunch menu. It translates to “egg in a hole” and it’s a feast on a bun containing brie, spinach, and your choice of tomato, peameal, smoked salmon, or bacon.

A small hole is cut into the top bun to fit a pefectly baked egg. It’s like Eggs Benedict made 10 times better. And, in a move we can only describe as genius, they offer both regular and spicy hollandaise (we always go for spicy).


I’ve also had four seperate individuals name Bar_One’s pancakes the best in the city. They aren’t the light, fluffy variety but instead they’re dense, like eating a sliver of cake that you wish would never end. You can choose between plain, blueberry, banana or chocolate chip ($9). They also come as part of the Bar_One Brunch ($12), along with two eggs any style, roasted potatoes and either bacon, sausage or peameal.


Bar_One also makes their own ketchup and jam, and there’s both a front and back patio. Whether it’s Saturday or Sunday, this is one great place to start your day.