Normally at Plato Putas we focus on food that humans can consume. But today’s a special treat because we’re honouring the appetites of our water-loving friends; the stingray. From what I learned at the Toronto Zoo, their meals consist of small fish heads and shrimp. I know they don’t enjoy eating a human hand, but that didn’t stop me from squealing as I fed one.

Stingray Bay is a very fun exhibit at the zoo where you can learn about stingrays and sharks, and also get the chance to feed and touch one. It’s open until Oct. 12 and $3 in addition to regular admission.


These Cownose and Southern stingrays are safe to touch and the spines on their tails have been trimmed. There’s a helpful sign that teaches you how to properly touch them. Unfortunately, I didn’t see it until I left.


While I’ve heard ‘rays are edible, we elected to go for more traditional fare. Nothing like a good ol’ Harvey’s cheeseburger with pickle on the side to fuel you up for a day at the zoo.