Plato Putas are typically a well-organized duo, especially when it comes to our foreign travels, but while in Costa Rica we had a bit of a slip-up and were unable to book the 3-hour bus ride from La Fortuna to Jaco. We blame the hot springs of Tabacón for clouding our sense of responsibility. This meant we’d need to hire a driver and our hotel recommended Marvin, a friendly gentle tico (local) who offered to chauffeur us to our beach destination.

Picture 7

Marvin knew little English which didn’t help since we knew little Spanish, but the one universal language we did share was the language of food.

We started to get hungry a couple hours into the drive. After rubbing our bellies and miming some spoon/chewing action, Marvin quickly got the point and stopped for lunch in the town of San Ramón at a local soda (a small, family-run diner/restaurant).


We were excited because this would be our first authentic taste of the typical Costa Rican meal — a casado. The entire meal was $4 which included a deliciously sweet fruit drink of fresh blackberries.


The beef casado came with white rice, black beans, shredded cabbage with lime, potatoes with pork and a serving of extremely tender, melt-in-your-mouth slow-cooked beef.


The fish casado came with exactly the same ingredients, but with a fillet of pan-fried fish.


Marvin and the cooks seemed amused that the two tourists could out-hot-sauce the locals. Pile it on!