I am crazy about French Onion Soup. Sure, it’s one of the most unhealthy soups around, with all that bread and bubbling cheese. But oh man, it is ridiculously good. My brother Jonathan and I used to make this at home all the time, then took to the streets to find the best bowl in Toronto. For a while, Le Papillon took the crown, but now I have to hand it over to Patachou (1120 Yonge St., at MacPherson). They’ve managed to make a very hearty and heavy soup taste lighter, thanks to their vegetable broth. Plus, this is the only French Onion Soup where I didn’t run out of cheese towards the end of the bowl. For $4.95, it certainly doesn’t break the bank either.


A spoonful of this will warm your soul. When you get that perfect bite of oozing Emmental cheese, softened bread, a few slices of onion and their savoury broth, everything else melts away.

Patachou is a terrific bakery and café serving a range of salads, sandwiches and pastries. There’s another location at 835 St. Clair Ave. W. at Winona.


If you can’t get to Patachou, here’s the Martha Stewart recipe I use at home with beef stock, and here’s an option using vegetable stock. Where have you had the most delicious bowl of French Onion Soup? Leave a comment and let us know.