A culinary movement is happening in New York. The third annual UnFancy Food Show was recently held this past Sunday, June 28 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The show is a celebration of authentic, handmade and unpretentious food by local artisans using organic and sustainable ingredients. There were over 20 participants and it was a packed event with vendors selling out of products before the show was even over. A mere $5 entrance fee allowed you to taste, mingle and discuss the art and passion of food.

Before entering the show, we made a pit stop at the Van Leeuwen ice cream truck and ordered a couple of small scoops: Hazelnut and Strawberry ($3.95). Possibly one of the best aspects of local entrepreneurs is their commitment to practicing a more ecological, sustainable business. Van Leeuwen is an example of that, all of their disposable goods are made from 100% renewable resources and we love the biodegradable cups and spoons.


Once inside we lingered around booths, sampled delectables and purchased goodies for very reasonable prices. Queens Country Farm Museum, the only historical working farm in the city, had a small collection of freshly picked produce. I just had to buy a cup of the incredibly mesmerizing wild mulberries for only $2. Next to Queens was Sweet Deliverance, a small Brooklyn business which transforms farm-fresh, organic ingredients into wholesome meals for home deliveries. They were selling a variety of their handmade products, but the one item that sold out quickly was the Organic Beef Pies ($6) made with peas, carrots and a grafton cheddar crust. Crispy goodness.


The most adorable participant by far was mama from Mama O’s Kimchee. This cutie pie was diligently dishing out fresh, homemade kimchee salsa into tupperware, $5 for a large, $3.50 for a small. Kheedim Oh (right of mama) is the mastermind chef/entrepreneur behind this Korean kimchee company. When he’s not busy pickling napa cabbage, you can find Kheedim spinning records as DJO in the band The Beatards.


Possibly one of my favourite items was the Beer & Pretzel Caramels from Liddabit Sweets, a small business committed to using as many local and seasonal ingredients to create responsibly made sweets. The caramel flavours were delicious and bounced around from crunchy and salty to sweet and chewy. Be sure to check out their site for a list of inventive goodies. Food was definitely the theme of the day. We spotted this person wearing a beautiful antique silver pea pod necklace.


I only touched upon a few participants and didn’t even get a chance to delve into the cheeses, chocolates, meats or pickles! Be sure to visit the UnFancy Food Show 2010, I’ll be there and I’ll be sure to arrive on an empty stomach.