Café Henri, named after the owner’s Maltese dog, is an adorable, cozy french bistro specializing in crèpes, croissants and all things French. Located off the beaten path at 27 Bedford Street in the West Village, this pint-sized spot will immediately transport you from Manhattan to Paris.

Crèpes are the perfect food for a civilized, grown-up European brunch and that’s exactly what I was in the mood for. After spending a good 10 minutes browsing the bilingual menu, I finally settled on the Saumon Fumé, crème au basilie ($10.50) which translated to crèpe filled with smoked salmon and grilled vegetables in a fresh basil cream sauce.


The salmon was soft and plump, while the veggies, primarily zucchini, were cooked to perfection. The basil sauce was a subtle combination of sweet and savory and all of their crèpes are complimented with a simple side salad and garnished with a fresh sprig of rosemary.


The presentation at Café Henri is exceptional and the service prompt and friendly. All this within a wallet friendly economy. Bon appetit.