Our favourite character on TV, Liz Lemon from 30 Rock, is addicted to fried cheese puffs called Sabor de Soledad. So we figured we’d follow her lead and while in Costa Rica picked up a bag of Churritos. And Liz is right — the Latin version of cheesies is somehow tastier, cheesier and more addictive than its U.S. cousin. We had a bag everywhere we traveled and our scientifically qualified research team of two discovered Churritos taste best while lounging at the beach on the sand.


Of course we forgot that poor Liz Lemon was shocked by a positive home pregnancy test caused by the bull-semen that was flavouring in her lovable Sabor de Soledad snack (which incidentally translates to: the taste of loneliness). However, we’d like to believe the Churritos we ate were — at best — flavoured by some sort of artificial cheese-like product.