One of our favourite things to do when we travel is visit a local supermarket. We hit up four while in Costa Rica and marveled at the aisles of unfamiliar items and unique packaging design. To save you the flight over, we’ve brought some of the best back to you.

First up, you know how we’re used to buying our mayonnaise in jars? Not the Costa Ricans! Their mayo comes in stand-up pouches that we believe are called doy packs and help reduce packaging. Plus, they got lemon-flavoured mayonnaise over there!


We thought seeing rows of mayo bags was a strange sight, but then we stumbled upon this.


That’s right, cheese mayonnaise! Next up we spotted some ethnically questionable characters shilling Chinese noodles and peach drink mix.


And yes, we know this is extremely immature, but we couldn’t help giggling at the brand names of these two items.


We came across a couple more lovable characters that we’d never seen in North America before.


But our favourite by far was the happy red bean who was cooking a pot of his unfortunate friends and family. Would that still be considered cannibalism in the bean kingdom?