If all you have is a day in New York, spend it wisely and consume a meal at Café Habana. Yes, you could possibly wait up to an hour for a table and with the cramped quarters you’ll probably be nudging elbows with patrons at the table next to you, but it’s all worth it. Café Habana’s home-cooked mix of Cuban-Mexican fare will keep you coming back. Located in the heart of Soho at the corner of Elizabeth and Prince, this infamous unpretentious eatery lets the food speak for itself.


When ordering at Café Habana, the Mexican style grilled corn on the cob ($1.75) is a definite must. It’s perfectly sprinkled with chili powder and smothered in cotija cheese. A generous squirt of fresh lime compliments the corns sweet and smokey flavour. Word to the wise, come with non-judgmental folk. Eating grilled corn is a messy affair and I once found kernels in my hair. Don’t ask.


The sandwiches at Cafe Habana are delicious and the Grilled Steak and Cuban are a few favourites among regulars. I prefer the Fish Sandwich ($7.95) which consists of fried white fish, melted mozzarella, tomato, lettuce, red onions and for that Latin touch, chipolte mayonnaise and black beans.