Going to a Toronto FC game is probably the most fun you’ll have at an organized sporting event in the city. The stands are filled with true soccer/football fans, the outdoor stadium is glorious (especially on a warm summer night like this past Saturday) and the eating options are much better than you’d expect.

The first tip is to turn right and go up the stairs after you enter the gates. While many of the concessions stands look the same, this is the only one with the most food options. We tried three items — two were new to the menu this season, and all three were deep-fried. They were also all easy to eat with one-hand (an important feature at a sporting event).


By far, the best of the bunch were the Macaroni and Cheese Fritters with Bacon ($4.95 for 4 balls). The breaded coating was extremely crispy, and the real bacon and sun-dried tomato bits scattered throughout the mac n’ cheese helped make it extra tasty.


Next up was the Chicken Curry Roll ($7.50). This actually came with two rolls and a side container of disappointment. Boo. It’s touted as “mango chutney” but it tastes like straight-from-the-jar plum sauce. This condiment was a strange pairing for the roll which contained curry chicken and basmati rice. Considering the price, we weren’t impressed, but they do get props for putting Indian cuisine on the menu. A bold choice that we wish paid off more with our taste buds.


Lastly was a Scotch Egg ($4.35). While I knew it was typical British fare, I’d never tried one before. It’s a hard-boiled egg, surrounded by sausage meat, then the whole big ball is deep-fried. This was surprisingly bland (and unsurprisingly greasy), and you definitely needed to smother it with the accompanying condiment. My pal Noreel could only guess the sauce was some sort of “HP Sauce Chutney.”


All in all, stick to the Mac ‘n Cheese Fritters and wash it down with a beer ($7.60!!) or a large Coke ($3.40). Oh, and of course don’t forget to learn the chants, wave your red scarf, and cheer on the Reds!