Last week I decided to try out an organic vegetable home delivery service called Wanigan. I’d been researching various options, but it seemed Wanigan had a great reputation in Toronto and their boxes were well-priced in comparison. While there are eight different boxes to choose from (including various sizes and local options), I settled on the Fruit & Vegetable Wanigan ($25) which included:

organic valencia oranges
organic baby bella mushrooms
organic cooking onion
organic hot house tomato
organic fuji apples
organic leaf lettuce
organic bananas
organic avocados
organic celery
organic asparagus
organic spinach

I like Wanigan cause they allowed me to substitute two items (apples and mushrooms for two grapefruits and a red pepper), and they post the upcoming week’s box contents online so you know what you’re getting in advance. You can order a one-off box or receive deliveries weekly or every two weeks.

I’m undecided on whether I’ll keep the service up regularly, but I’d like to try the local box next. I like the idea of receiving items because they’re in-season and being forced to try new recipes with ingredients I wouldn’t normally purchase. Plus, coming home to a bagful of fresh produce is definitely something to feel good about.