Having spent part of my childhood growing up in England, I have nostalgic love for specific foods. Toast is definitely up there, along with cheese and onion pasties, peas, beans and chips. So here’s another post devoted to the wonderful world of toast!

Blue Ribbon Restaurants is a family of eight different eateries of varying cuisines scattered throughout New York (locations include a Brasserie, Sushi Bar and Bowling Alley). I have yet to try them all, but my favorite and the most affordable-to-date would be the Blue Ribbon Bakery Market located in the West Village (14 Bedford St.). This delightfully small restaurant boasts an all-toast menu with a wide assortment of toppings. A toast bar? Genius!


So far I’ve tried the three of the open-faced made-to-order toasts: Blue Ribbon’s famous raw Mexican honey with manchego cheese; hummus; and my favourite — hard-cooked eggs, hot pickles and mayo. It’s especially good when paired with an extra large latte. Seating inside is practically non-existent, but the wooden bench out front provides the perfect spot to view one of one of the most charming neighborhoods in Manhattan. What better way to spend your Saturday morning?