I think we can all agree that this is an undisputed fact. Tabasco is commonly used for flavoring on practically every food known to mankind, be it eggs, pizza, oysters, soups or salads. The list is never-ending, which is why a Louisiana-based chip factory has filled one of the few missing voids. Hello Zapp’s Spicey Creole Tomato potato chips spiked with Tabasco! There is a God! The sweet, crunchy, tomato-flavored kettle chips are given a kick from ol’ faithful. You’ll be reaching for your water bottle by the time you finish the bag. Zapp’s says this is a “limited edition” flavour so you need to head to your local bodega or deli to buy a bag before they disappear from the shelves forever. Another reason to pick up Zapp’s is the nifty, vintage-inspired Tabasco logo wall-papered packaging. Two thumbs up for design ingenuity.