Enjoying the breathtaking view of an active volcano at your doorstep is one of the perks of visiting La Fortuna in Costa Rica. The Arenal Volcano is spectacular during the day, but even more amazing on a clear night when there’s lava pouring down its sides. The last major eruption was on August 23, 2000.

We joined the Liquid Lava Volcano Hike by Desafio Adventure Company and trekked through a lush rainforest near the base of the volcano. When the sun went down, we were driven to an observation point and treated to fireflies, a sky full of stars, lava flow and a special drink called Liquid Lava. Our guide began with a healthy pour of Cacique Guaro, a Costa Rican liquor made from sugar cane (30% alc by vol.). We saw a bottle this same size selling at the supermarket for $8.


Tropical fruit punch juice was then added to our plastic cups.


Finally, it’s topped off with a dash of grape juice.


Our drinks were both strong and sweet, which helped make the stunning nighttime view of Arenal Volcano that much more memorable.