You might not expect to find Chilean street food in Kensington Market, but Jumbo Empanadas (245 Augusta Ave.) serves it up quickly, piping hot and of course, in sizes larger than you’d expect. The jumbo-sized empanadas come in beef, vegetable or chicken ($3.99). We opted for the latter which was filled with flaky chicken, onions, peppers, an olive and part of a hard-boiled egg.


Also on the menu are Humitas, Corn Pie and a fresh Chilean Salad ($4.50) made of lettuce, tomato, avocado, broccoli topped with an olive oil and cilantro dressing. The restaurant’s vibe is very laid-back and the staff is always pleasant and helpful. Long lines to place your order can form at peak hours, but everyone is patient since they know the food is worth the wait.

There are two particular things on the menu at Jumbo Empanada that keep us coming back again and again. The cheese empanada is a soft, baked shell filled with oozing melted cheese. And their homemade salsa is bursting with freshness, fairly spicy and totally addictive. We order a container to-go every time we walk by (small $3, medium $5, large $7). We absolutely guarantee you’ll never eat jarred salsa again.