A hot, lazy Saturday afternoon in Manhattan brought me to Shake Shack, an all-American snack bar located in the lush picturesque Madison Square Park on 5th Avenue. Open since 2004, New Yorkers and tourists alike are lured by the mouth-watering menu featuring delicious burgers, Chicago hot dogs and cheese fries. For all you vegetarians, the ‘Shroom Burger ($6.50, shown above) is to die for. A crispy, fried portobello patty filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheese, topped with lettuce, tomato and Shack sauce on a griddled potato bun.

This can only be complimented with one of Shake Shacks creamy frozen custard milkshakes (described as “what happens when soft serve shacks up with premium ice cream”). Try strawberry or better yet, if you’re visiting New York, opt for the black and white flavour. The Shack even caters to four-footed friends with the Pooch-Ini, a chilly vanilla custard with a peanut butter biscuit topping.

As warmer days become longer, so do the lineups. Be prepared to wait… and wait…and wait, possibly an hour or more. It’s important to go with friends, it’ll help pass the time, or better yet check out the Shack Cam. A live look at what you’ll be up against. Seating is limited and a bird actually missed pooping on my burger but ask me if I would do it again and the answer would be “Hells Yes!”