Here at Plato Putas, we strive to tell you about unforgettably good food, memorable eating adventures and worthwhile cuisine experiences we think are worth trying, or at least oogling at. Ideally our posts rank high on these three criteria.

Unfortunately, this post barely measures up to one. Brunch at Frank, the new restaurant at the Art Gallery of Ontario, was extremely disappointing. Don’t get us wrong, the AGO itself is a marvelous gallery with an impressive contemporary art collection and the Galleria Italia space is so stunning it literally left me speechless. But Frank was overpriced, utterly forgettable and worst of all, the food was bland.

I decided to take one of the parentals out for brunch, which is served on weekends from 11 am-3 pm. We shared two appetizers: house-cut frites served with lemon mayo and quince ketchup ($5) and arctic char gravlax ($14) topped with beets. The fries were more soggy than cripsy and the char was almost completely void of taste. Our main consisted of seafood pot pie served with a side of apple, fennel, snow pea slaw and fresh pea shoots ($22).


The pot pie was disheartening because it contained mostly potatoes and leeks in a cream sauce, with the odd piece of cod and two tiny shrimps. Supposedly there were scallops in there too, but I don’t remember finding a single one. The dish also needed some serious salt, and frankly, it looked like baby food slotted between layers of phyllo pastry. Nothing makes us more upset than paying for a meal that looks like we could have regurgitated it for free.

Kids, the take-home lesson today is walk into Frank and check out the really cool Frank Gehry designed space and transparent floor-to-ceiling wine shelves. Then walk right back out, head left and go into the main entrance of the AGO, which is the main attraction. We hope this is the only time we have to say this; don’t let the food distract you.