While traveling in Zagreb we came across a mom-and-pop restaurant called Mimice (Ulica Nikole Jurišića 21), a hidden gem located a short distance from the main square. Apparently, it’s one of the oldest fast-fish joints in the city and clearly a Croatian institution since we found ourselves to be the only non-locals in there.

Ordering lunch was tricky because the staff spoke very little English, if any at all. We admit, we were a little timid about placing an order with the woman sitting at the walk up cafeteria-style window, and resorted to the ol’ point-smile-‘n-shrug, but it worked! We were handed some bread and a plate piled high with freshly deep-fried ribice, which means “little fish.” After a generous squirt of lemon juice, we used toothpicks to spear and pop the entire fish into our mouths. Crispy, salty, citrusy goodness! To this day, we still reminisce about this memorable meal.

Traveling and eating in Croatia is extremely affordable. I’m not sure what this would cost in North America, but over there, this delicious lunch set us back a whopping $2.