Unless you’re from Britain, it’s unlikely you’ve tried these potato chips. Actually scratch that, they’re called “flavour potato crisps.” Walkers are made from 100% British spuds, have no MSG, no artificial colours and…wait for it…temporarily come in six unconventional flavours: Crispy Duck and Hoisin, Fish and Chips, Chilli and Chocolate, Cajun Squirrel (what!?!), Onion Bhaji and Builder’s Breakfast (egg, bacon, sausage and beans). Walkers is currently running a campaign asking people to vote on which crisp flavour should remain on the shelf.

Looking for a streetcar snack and hoping for a chip that would taste like delicious peking duck, I grabbed a bag of the duck crisps from the Nutty Chocolatier (2179 Queen St. East). It tasted like smoky barbecue and soy sauce with a woodsy aftertaste. Not entirely appetizing, but that didn’t stop me from eating most of the bag.

Who’s up for Cajun Squirrel? Let us know which flavour you’d like to try. Pip pip!