During our trip to Argentina, we were supposed to do a side trip to Uruguay where my main goal was to try the country’s national dish: a Chivito. But we fell so in love with Buenos Aires that we never made it over. Instead, my dear Uruguayan friend Denise served as my chivito guide in Toronto and took me to La Pasiva (896 Wilson Ave between Keele and Dufferin). I was assured an authentic experience since this is the lone Canadian branch of a restaurant chain based in Uruguay.

A chivito is a sandwich that contains a fried egg, lettuce, tomato, olives, cheese, mayonnaise and grilled “lomo” (tenderloin steak). The Canadian version (Chivito Canadiense), which we ordered, adds peameal bacon into the mix. It is essentially breakfast, lunch and dinner piled high on a fresh bun, served with a side of fries. Each bite feels like a mash-up of all your favourite everyday foods. It is one delicious heart attack-inducing guilty pleasure.

And while it may look incredibly plain and basic, do not underestimate the pizza at La Pasiva. In addition to creating what’s possibly the world’s best sammich, those Uruguayans know how to make an unforgettably good rectangular pizza pie.


La Pasiva / 896 Wilson Ave, Toronto
416 636 6555