When a rapper from the Wu-Tang Clan references pancakes in song (Raekwon in Jodeci’s “Freek’n’ U” remix), then you know it’s worth the drive to Niagara Falls. IHOP may be an American staple, but with the exception of a handful of locations in B.C., this breakfast chain is extremely hard to come by in Canada. In fact, the location by the Falls is the only other location in the country (7514 Lundy’s Lane).


IHOP is known for their four, count ’em, four syrup choices: Old Fashioned, Blueberry, Strawberry and Butter Pecan. Our scientifically advanced taste test found the Old Fashioned reminiscent of Aunt Jemima, both fruity choices were overly sweet and synthetic, so the candy-like Butter Pecan syrup won with a unanimous vote of two.

Strawberry Banana Pancakes ($9.95) were new on the menu and featured four fluffy pancakes piled with real fruit, fake fruit and whipped topping. The Breakfast Sampler ($9.95) included two of everything: buttermilk pancakes, eggs, three types of meat (bacon, pork sausage, ham strips) plus hash browns.


While it’s not fine dining and we have no clue why these stacks are “international,” we endorse a fun road trip to the House of Pancakes.

IHOP / 7514 Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls
905 356 2100 / Mon-Sun 7am-10pm