Pintxos (which we enthusiastically pronounce “PEEN-chos!”) became one of our favourite foods — and words — while in Spain. These are not considered tapas, instead they are a snack consisting of a mix of ingredients (meat, fish or veggies) piled on a small slice of bread and skewered together by a toothpick (which you don’t throw away, more on that later).

On our first day in Barcelona, we walked into Taverna Basca Irati just off Las Ramblas looking for a quick bite. We figured out the self-serve concept once we were each handed an empty plate, and began choosing from the 40 different types of pintxos. Making a meal out of appetizers is a talent of ours, so standing at the long bar sipping cider and popping pintxos came with great ease. When the jet lag started kicking in, we handed in our plates and watched as the toothpicks were counted to tally up our bill. The fact that we had enough toothpicks between the two of us to start a small fire really seems like a moot point now, right?

Taverna Basca Irati / Cardenal Casañas 17 (Gothic Quarter), Barcelona
(+34) 90 252 05 22 / Mon-Sun 11am-12:30am