There’s no two ways about it — the food in Buenos Aires was heavenly. But after having our fair share of empanadas, steak and more steak, our taste buds were craving something a little different. At the end of our two weeks there, we searched out Sudestada (Guatemala 5602, Palermo Hollywood), the first Thai restaurant in the city. The minimal black and white decor is clean and crisp and the over-sized windows make for great people watching.

The best part about Sudestada isn’t the food, but the unique ordering experience. (Note: this applies to the lunch menu only.) Upon arrival, each person receives a paper menu. Simply decide which entrada (appetizer), plato principal (main) and bebida (drink) you’d like and use the hole punch to mark your selections. At 23 Argentinian pesos (about $6.30 US), it was a steal. However, if you drink too many cervezas and get a little hole-punch-happy, there’s no way you can blame the waitstaff for getting your order wrong.


Sudestada / 5602 Guatemala, Buenos Aires
4776 3777 / Mon-Sat noon-3:30pm, 8pm-midnight