An afternoon stroll with girlfriends brought me to La Superior: A tiny no-frills Mexican restaurant located in Williamsburg known for cheap, authentic, street style Mexican food.

After much hype from friends, I was pretty psyched to give it a go. With the help of my waiter, I ordered an assortment of tacos (clockwise from top left): rajas, camarón al chipolte, and pescado zarandeado. The portions are small (tapas style) which is perfect since it allows you to be adventurous and order a wide variety of flavours. They are abundantly filled and flavourful. However, the heat factor is on the mild side but they more than make up for it with a selection of assorted salsas. I also nibbled on earthy flavoured gorditas, crispy homemade chips and fresh guacamole. Verdict: fun, cheap and oh so tasty!